Modeling behaviors and teen violence

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When domestic violence involves teenagers, people often wonder why the violence occurred or what sparked it. One key thing to keep in mind is that every situation is different. There is no single reason for violent episodes.

For instance, one teen could suffer from an emotional disorder that makes them more likely to lash out. Another may have years of pent-up aggression from life at school or at home. Yet another may act violently in order to push back against the fear and insecurity he or she is feeling.

That said, experts do note that many violent tendencies link back to modeling behaviors. The teens are just copying what they have seen elsewhere. They are highly impressionable and they may not stop and think for themselves.

Take, for example, a teenager who sees daily violence in their peer group. They slowly become desensitized to it and start to see it as normal. They may then bring those actions home, where they impact the family. They may also have seen that violence in video games and movies.

Another possible situation is that the teen has been teased or bullied, perhaps physically, by others. The teen may then lash out to get revenge on those people, resulting in a violent outburst. The teen may also start assaulting or bullying family members or housemates in an effort to establish some sort of higher social ranking, fighting back against this constant feeling of being pushed down by others.

It is very important to understand why domestic violence happens in the home. If it does, those who face serious legal charges need to know about all of their options.


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