Man arrested for allegedly hiding body after murder

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After a man was killed in Colorado, police made numerous arrests. The most recent involved a man in Iowa. The police think that he assisted in hiding the deceased man’s body after the killing, though it appears he did not carry out that initial crime himself.

The incident happened when a woman in Colorado took out a restraining order against her boyfriend. A few hours later, at about 1:30 a.m., the man came to her house.

She then called two other men, who came to the home and killed her boyfriend. He was shot. The police asked her about her plan, and she apparently stated that the plan was for the two men, who already had some issues with her boyfriend, to take his life. She’s now facing charges for ordering the slaying.

After the man had been shot, the woman tried to remove his tattoos and put the body in a tub in the garage. The man from Iowa then showed up with yet another individual — apparently his best friend — and they took the tub and the body to get rid of it. Reports did not state where they put it.

A case like this really shows how complicated things can get and how many people who had nothing to do with the actual murder can wind up facing related charges. These are still very serious charges, even when they did not take anyone’s life, and it’s important for anyone who has been accused to know all the legal defense options they have. Everyone deserves to have a fair trial.


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