Colorado woman arrested for domestic abuse after fight at home

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A 48-year-old woman, who happens to be a former councilwoman and a mother of four, made headlines recently for her domestic violence arrest after an altercation with her spouse at their Colorado Springs home.

According to the police, officers were called to the couple’s home in the middle of the night by the husband after he was attacked by his wife in their garage and home. While it’s unclear what started the altercation, it quickly devolved into a terrifying encounter. The enraged wife shouted and screamed at the husband, ordering him from their home. When he didn’t leave (or leave quickly enough), she began taking items from shelves and hurling them in his direction. One item was large enough, heavy enough and thrown with enough force to shatter a car window.

Once inside the house, the woman opened kitchen drawers and gathered up knives to throw at her husband, striking him at least once in the knee. At that point, the husband apparently began to fear for his life.

When police arrived, the woman would only admit — at first — to blocking her husband’s path and threatening him with mace. When police confronted her about the broken glass and other debris from the fight, she finally admitted to throwing things.

Ultimately, the woman was charged with criminal mischief, two counts of menacing and second-degree assault. Menacing is often charged along with assault in domestic violence cases. It involves putting another person in imminent fear of serious bodily harm through the use of threats or by brandishing a deadly weapon.

Cases like this are prime examples of how a moment of anger can spiral out of control and make a bad situation far worse. It’s important to remember that once the police are involved in a domestic situation, Colorado’s laws require the police to arrest the aggressor.

The woman’s attorney released a statement that may indicate that there’s more to the story — and hints that she may have been defending herself. However, it remains to be seen how this case will be resolved in court.

If you’re charged with domestic violence after an argument with a spouse, remember that an early defense is often in your best interests.


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