Exploring the benefits of negotiating a plea

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If you are charged with a crime in Summit County there are many things that will flow through your mind. You will likely worry about spending time in prison, caring for your family, providing for your family and much more. There are options on the table when faced with criminal charges. One of those options is negotiating a plea deal. Let’s explore the benefits of doing so in today’s post.

The biggest benefit of negotiating a plea deal is that you exchange risk for certainty. That does this mean? When you negotiate a plea deal you know exactly what it is you will be sentenced with when it comes to jail time or fines. If you leave the case to go to trial, there will be a lot of uncertainty when it comes to your sentence.

A plea deal negotiation can also help you reduce the charges that have been filed against you. A big benefit to you will be a possible reduction in the charges. Most plea deals wind up with lesser charges against the defendant.

Another benefit of a plea deal is the fact that you can resolve the issue much quicker than if you let it go to trial. Trials might not start for anywhere from six months to one year after you are charged. You can begin negotiating a plea deal immediately upon being charged.

As you can see, negotiating a plea deal definitely has its benefits. Make sure you know your rights, what you are charged with, the possible penalties and sentence and what your future holds before making a decision. All of this is best done with the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney.


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