What are drunk driving diversion programs?

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Have you ever been pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) in Colorado? Have you ever been arrested, charged and convicted of DUI? This is a serious crime that you should never ignore. It’s always in your best interest to fight charges when they are levied against you. One way to minimize the effect of a DUI charge on your life is by enrolling in a DUI diversion program.

In almost all circumstances, a DUI diversion program will be limited to only those who have committed their first offense. So, if you were recently pulled over and charged with DUI for the very first time, this is something you should look into with the help of an attorney.

Diversion programs are not for everybody. A DUI diversion program requires you to take alcohol abuse or DUI prevention classes. The sentence for your DUI charge is suspended while you work to complete these classes. It is not thrown out yet. If you fail to complete the program, your sentence is reinstated by the local authorities.

A DUI diversion program might also include random urine tests, community service time, fine payment, speaking publicly about DUI and much more. The program and the requirements are determined by the local state attorney.

Not everyone will be eligible for a DUI diversion program in Summit County. You should speak to an attorney about your situation to find out where you stand. If you have been convicted of DUI more than once you will likely be unable to take part in such a program.


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