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Can I be fired if I’m accused of domestic violence?

Posted on May 10, 2019

If you have been accused of domestic violence you likely have some serious issues going on in your personal life. Whether or not the accusation is true you will face a lot of instability and uncertainty moving forward. You might even wonder if your employer can fire you based on being accused of domestic violence. This is a valid question and one that we will examine in today’s post.

If the accusation of domestic violence was made by a co-worker, you are in a bad spot because the human resources department will need to act swiftly to resolve the issue. This could lead to you being fired even before authorities get involved or before a thorough investigation takes place.

If the accusation of domestic violence is made by a family member who does not work where you work, your employer will likely be fair to you while also being cautious in moving forward with you as an employee. The company might decide to place you on leave, suspended you with or without pay or even allow you to continue to work until a resolution is reached.

To take things one step further, you might have trouble securing employment if domestic violence charges appear on a background check performed by a prospective employer. Not only can you wind up being fired for these allegations, but the allegations can also hinder your chances of getting another job.

Being accused of domestic violence is a serious issue you should not ignore and never face alone. It is important to fight the allegation as much as possible, especially since your employer might take action against you if they deem you dangerous to the workplace.