Memorial Day weekend impaired driving checkpoints

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The Memorial Day weekend is finally upon us in Colorado, which means millions of people will be traveling to barbecues, parties, parades, concerts and their vacation destinations. The roads will be flooded with vehicles and traffic might be at a standstill at times. The holiday weekend is known for a lot of drunk driving incidents and arrests, which is why you need to know all about DUI checkpoints.

If you approach a DUI checkpoint in Colorado this holiday weekend, be sure you do not turn around and head in the opposite direction. This is surely going to get a police officer’s attention to the point where they will send someone to initiate a traffic stop.

When you enter into the checkpoint, be sure to follow all of the officer’s instructions and provide the following:

  • Your ID or other personal information
  • Stay in the vehicle unless otherwise directed
  • Turn the vehicle off
  • Provide insurance information
  • Answer questions truthfully

If directed to exit the vehicle, make sure you follow the orders given by the officer, especially if he or she is going to conduct field sobriety tests. The officer will be observing your speech, eye movement and even monitoring the smell coming from the vehicle during the time you spend in the checkpoint.

DUI checkpoints will pop up all over the state of Colorado this holiday weekend. Make sure you are sober enough to drive when you get behind the wheel. If not, you could be pulled over and put through sobriety tests, which could land you in jail for the weekend.


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