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How can I fight a traffic ticket?

Posted on October 9, 2019

When a police officer drives away, leaving you on a Colorado road with a traffic ticket in hand, it is not the final word on whether you have to pay the ticket. You still have options to fight it. Sometimes what you do immediately after an officer gives you a ticket can have an impact on whether a judge in the Breckenridge area upholds or dismisses your ticket in court.

An article run on Money Talks News recommends not driving away from the scene of your ticket. Shortly after a police officer leaves, record a few details before you forget them. If you were pulled over for speeding, record the speed you believe you were driving at as opposed to the speed the officer claims you were driving. If the ticket was for other reasons, record what the officer said you did and then what you thought you were doing at the time.

In addition, record anything that you might think is useful later on. You can also take pictures of the area with your phone. You might not be certain that anything you record will help you, but if you discuss the details of your ticket and the events surrounding it with your attorney, you might learn some important facts that can help you if you choose to fight the ticket.

Checking your traffic ticket for mistakes and errors is another important step. If the officer wrote down information that is not complete, a judge may decide to drop the ticket and dismiss your case. Even the spelling of your name can be a factor. And if the details you record about your traffic incident do not match the information on the ticket, a judge may determine the ticket is not credible.

Other factors may lead to the dismissal of your case. An officer may not show up at the trial at all. Even if the judge upholds your ticket, negotiating to waive points from the ticket is still possible. These are all possibilities that can be discussed with a professional defense attorney. Because Colorado residents and visitors may receive a ticket for different reasons, read this information for your educational benefit, not as legal advice.