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Do you need a breathalyzer in Colorado?

Posted on January 22, 2020

Colorado laws on drunk driving are so strict that you may need to take a blood alcohol content test before driving. Therefore, authorities encourage you to have a breathalyzer to determine whether your blood-alcohol content allows you to drive on Colorado roads.

Currently, taking blood tests is the easiest way to determine whether you are fit to drive. However, that does not mean a breathalyzer always gives accurate results. Besides, alcohol takes some time to get into the bloodstream, depending on your activeness, and your alcohol content may change over time.

According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, they arrest more than 60 people daily for drunk driving. To make breathalyzers more accessible and popular, the department has teamed up with companies to produce and promote smartphone breathalyzers. The move aims at making breathalyzers available anytime you need to do a blood test.

Usually, the limits for DUI in Colorado are o.5%, while DWAI is 0.8%. However, that does not mean you will not be liable for drunk driving if you maintain the levels below the limits. If an officer notices signs of impairment, they may arrest you the limits notwithstanding. Therefore, for your safety, always maintain your BAC at zero unless you are not planning to drive.

To department also has public awareness safety campaigns happening throughout the year. Also, they use the media, community outreaches, and advertisements to make sure residents use breathalyzers. Therefore, you may note that the state does not take safety matters for granted, so should you. Breathalyzers are road safety equipment that every Colorado resident should have.