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What are DUI and DWAI cases?

Posted on January 22, 2020

In Colorado, DUI and DWAI cases may have a negative, long term impact on your life. The best thing you can get out of these cases is the withdrawal of your charges. The courts have several options depending on the circumstances, including jailing you for the charges.

Here at the Law Offices of J.B. Katz, P.C, we can help you fight for freedom by ensuring you are free from any charges. In some cases, we manage to reduce the charges for our clients if efforts to dismiss them fail. However, we expect a positive outcome from every DUI or DWAI case we present in court. So, what do these cases entail?

According to Findlaw, you may face DUI charges if you are apprehended driving under the influence of alcohol. It means you are incapable of making a sound judgment in the safety and control of your car. The Colorado law has zero tolerance for drunk driving; therefore, your age, gender, or other factors will not save you from these charges.

DWAI means ‘driving while ability impaired,’ that means you consumed alcohol or any other drug, consequently impairing your judgment on the road. The authorities have equipment that can determine your blood alcohol content that may also serve as evidence.

For both DUI and DWAI cases, you will pay penalty surcharges. Besides, there will be driving and criminal charges on your name that may affect your future in several ways. Before the authorities charge you, your records for the past 10 years will undergo scrutiny. It is after that the court will either fine, suspend your license or jail you.