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What if I am wrongfully accused of domestic violence?

Posted on April 30, 2020

Domestic violence tears apart hundreds of families across the United States every year. While domestic violence is a horrific crime, it is also possible to be wrongfully accused of it.

Being wrongfully accused of domestic violence is a very serious matter. Even before the case goes to court, society may consider you “guilty” in the court of public opinion. According to Findlaw, If somebody has accused you of domestic violence, the most important thing to do is get in contact with your close family and friends.

How can my family help?

Since domestic violence is such a heinous crime, it is very easy for even your nearest and dearest to turn away from you. Contacting your friends and family right away and letting them know what is going on is smart because you want them to hear your side of the story first. If your accuser is lying, your friends and family need to hear it from you.

Friends and family can also potentially offer resources such as a place to stay if necessary. It is important for you to get as far away from your accuser as possible.

What else can I do?

Make sure to change the passwords to all of your social media and bank accounts. If your accuser knows how to access your social media, they could potentially send threatening messages to back up their claims. Additionally, securing your financial assets is very important.

Make sure to keep as calm as possible during this process. Being accused of domestic violence is very emotional, but reacting with anger will only give your accuser more ammunition to use against you.