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Could drug court be an option in your Colorado possession case?

Posted on August 10, 2021

There are a variety of reasons a defendant may end up facing drug charges here in Breckenridge. One common reason is that they couldn’t find a way to break their addiction and got caught with drugs in their possession. 

We’re fortunate enough to have a 5th Judicial District Problem-Solving Court headquartered here. This court system has several different divisions. The one that may appeal to you most in your drug possession case is the Adult Drug Court. 

What can I expect when participating in drug court?

Summit is one of many different Colorado counties with either Problem-Solving or Integrated Treatment Courts (ITCs). Their five divisions are wellness, juvenile or adult drug possession, driving under the influence and family courts. 

Defendants must apply to have their case heard in drug court as opposed to in front of a common pleas judge. Defendants must generally meet the following criteria to qualify for participation in drug court:

  • No prior felony convictions on their record
  • Be facing drug possession charges
  • Not have other open criminal cases
  • Have a drug addiction to overcome

Prospective drug court participants must generally complete a mental health or substance abuse assessment before admission to drug court. They must also agree to do the following to remain in compliance with court requirements if they are admitted to this programs:

  • Remain drug-free, as evidenced by their participation in random drug testing
  • Take part in all substance abuse and mental health treatment opportunities
  • Retain a job and participate in vocational training
  • Attend any regularly scheduled court hearings

There are several different phases to the drug court program. A defendant’s successful completion of one program allows them to move on to the next, with each level giving them more autonomy. 

Do you qualify for participation in drug court?

Your participation in drug court isn’t guaranteed. You need to put up a convincing argument as to why your participation in such a program is in your best interest. Don’t hesitate to learn more about your legal options.