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Addiction treatment can help defendants with substance abuse

Posted on September 17, 2021

People who are addicted to drugs will sometimes end up facing charges related to their addiction. This might include drug charges, but it can also involve other ones. A person’s need to get the drugs might lead them to steal, resulting in them facing theft charges.

For some defendants, the pull of the drugs is too great to overcome alone. The addiction might keep them in the criminal justice system until they’re ready and able to get sober. 

How can defendants get help in Colorado?

Some defendants may qualify for Recovery Court, which is the state’s improved version of what used to be known as Drug Court. It has two tracks for individuals to follow. The program that a defendant may participate in is partially determined through a point system and a team of professionals.

Recovery Court’s goal is to help defendants get sober and learn to live a law-abiding life. It’s only suitable for people who aren’t currently facing charges for a violent felony or a history of such convictions. Additionally, Recovery Court is only effective for individuals who want to get help. 

People who want to go through Recovery Court should explore this possibility early on in their case. Defendants wishing to take part in this program must be accepted into it, so you shouldn’t consider participating last minute. 

Anyone who’s facing criminal charges related to their drug addiction might consider going through rehab. Sometimes, Recovery Court is an option. This brings the treatment under the court’s jurisdiction, which can address the charges and the addiction all at once.