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What happens if you face criminal charges on vacation?

Posted on November 13, 2021

People who are on vacation expect that they will have a good time. Most don’t think that they’ll end their vacation facing criminal charges. The ugly truth is that it’s possible that you will have to answer to the court for actions if you violate the law on your trip.

If you’re facing criminal charges in Colorado but live in another state, you should think carefully about how you’ll handle the situation. 

Know the terms of your release

When you’re arrested, you may be given the opportunity to be released pending trial. This can come with conditions, such as having to pay a bail amount. Other conditions might also be present, so be sure you understand those. One that’s important to find out about is whether you have a geographical restriction. If you’re told you can’t leave the area, you’ll have to make arrangements to stay. If you’re allowed to return home, be sure you return for your court hearings. 

Understand the possible resolutions

As part of your criminal defense preparation, you may find out about certain resolutions that can help you to get the matter handled. Some of these might enable you to return home to complete the sentence. For example, a person who’s on probation for an out-of-state conviction might be able to transfer their case to the local office.

Facing criminal charges of any type should be taken seriously. Just because you don’t live in Colorado doesn’t mean that you’re going to walk away from the charges without taking action. Because state laws vary from one state to another, it’s imperative that you work with someone who’s familiar with Colorado laws as you plan your defense.