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In Colorado, using a fake ID can come with serious consequences

Posted on January 18, 2022

Whether trying to purchase alcohol or enter a 21-and-over-only establishment, each year many young adults in Colorado find themselves in trouble because they have tried to use false identification to misrepresent their age.

Unfortunately, teens often underestimate the potential legal consequences as well as the potential damage to their future opportunities. While trying to pass off a fake ID may seem relatively trivial, in Colorado, doing so may result in a misdemeanor or even felony conviction.

What are the potential charges for using false identification?

Using a false ID may be both a municipal and state offense. If convicted, the minor may face steep fines and may have to serve time in jail. In Colorado, possessing or presenting a falsified identification card is a misdemeanor crime.

What happens after an ID-related offense?

While having or showing a fake ID may result in a misdemeanor conviction, charges may rise to the felony level if an underage person fails to act. Whether living locally or visiting from out of state, teens often try to avoid dealing with the issue by failing to respond to court letters or attending appointed court dates, which may result in a felony conviction.

How can teens minimize the impact of charges?

From college probation, suspension or loss of financial aid to difficulty finding a job or housing, having a criminal conviction on record can have an enormous impact on a young person’s ability to get a solid start in life.

Minors facing false ID charges should know that it may be possible to minimize or avoid a criminal conviction by facing the problem head-on.