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Avoid these costly mistakes if you have been accused of domestic violence

Posted on February 9, 2022

Colorado, like most states, takes domestic violence very seriously. If there are claims of domestic violence against you, chances are you will be arrested and prosecuted.  

Thanks to the harsh penalties associated with a conviction, it is not uncommon for the accused party to want to go to every length to clear their name and get out of trouble. However, while responding to the domestic violence charges against you, it is important you steer clear of these mistakes:

Disregarding existing court orders

Most often, individuals charged with domestic violence will also be served with restraining orders. This order will prohibit you from going to your accuser’s residence or place of work. It is extremely important that you obey the restraining order. Disregarding a restraining order can attract contempt of court charges. Besides impacting your case negatively, contempt of court charges will also come with its share of penalties.

Reaching out to your accuser or witnesses

Perhaps you regret your actions and strongly believe that you talk things out and have the charges dropped. However, contacting your accuser is never a bright idea. It may be interpreted as interference with the judicial process. 

Talking about your case online

If you have been accused of domestic violence, chances are you are confused, frustrated and even afraid of what will happen to you. Trying to share your story with your family and friends online is understandable. However, keep in mind that what you say or do can be used against you during the trial. To be on the safe side, simply avoid discussing your case on social media.

Being accused of domestic violence can be frightening. With the right legal help, you can contest the charges and hopefully clear your name.