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Accused of domestic violence? Now what?

Posted on March 23, 2022

If your partner accuses you of domestic violence, you need to act fast to protect your liberties. Colorado police will arrest you, and a court will automatically put a restraining order on you if someone accuses you of domestic violence.

It means you need to find a temporary place to stay, as you are not allowed to go to the home you share with your accuser. You also cannot contact them to ask what is going on. Breaching those rules will lead to charges for breaching a protection order on top of the domestic violence charges you already face.

You also want to protect your reputation

It is even more critical to quash the rumors quickly if you have children. You know how neighborhood gossip works. You won’t be able to pop to the store without overhearing someone whispering, “That’s the guy that beats his wife.” You do not want your kids hearing that or having people taunt them. Even more crucial is that the court order will make it harder for you to see them.

What if your accuser drops the charges?

They can’t. If they want to retract the charges, they need to persuade the prosecutor to do so. That restriction is in place because many people who really do suffer domestic violence later claim they made it all up through fear of retribution from their abuser.

So how can you quash false accusations of domestic violence? You cannot do it yourself. You need legal assistance, and you need to go through the proper process.