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Important reasons to hire local counsel when charged with a crime while traveling

Posted on March 17, 2022

When you are charged with a crime while traveling, on the road or in a jurisdiction away from home, your case stays in the area of the crime. This often poses a challenge when it comes to finding adequate representation.

If charged with a crime outside of the jurisdiction of your permanent residence, it is wise to find an attorney located in the county where the case is pending.

Important reasons to hire a local attorney

Though it may seem more convenient to correspond with counsel close to home, there are several advantages to hiring local representation. Local attorneys are familiar with the officers, judges, prosecutors, clerks and other court staff that will be in charge of a case, and will be more acquainted with the reputations of each major person involved.

A local attorney is also far more likely to be familiar with local rules and regulations than visiting counsel. In the inverse, the courts are more likely to be familiar with a local attorney as well.

If the jurisdiction in question is a considerable distance away from home, a trip to the courts on your behalf is much more convenient for any local counsel hired to represent your case, which can save you valuable time and resources spent traveling back and forth.

Finding the right counsel

Whether to hire a local, experienced defense attorney should depend on what options are available for the case. In many instances, hired counsel can appear for you in a hearing, while in others, the courts require your appearance.

The decision to hire a local attorney depends on your willingness to travel and the severity of your criminal offense. However, hiring a local attorney may allow you to remain completely at home while counsel handles your case on your behalf in the local jurisdiction.