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Posted October 14, 2021

When does theft become a felony offense in Colorado?

Theft and other property crimes are usually less serious offenses than violent crimes, meaning theft offenses often result in lower charges and lesser penalties. Someone accused of theft will frequently face misdemeanor charges for the offense. However, sometimes, someone accused of stealing will face much more serious felony charges, which come with more penalties. When...
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Posted October 7, 2021

Do you have to take a DUI breath test in Colorado?

When you drive in Colorado, you give your express consent to a breath or blood test if an officer suspects you are driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Failure to take this test at the scene of a traffic stop can result in sanctions beyond a DUI conviction.Learn more about Colorado DUI...
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Posted October 3, 2021

Could you face drug charges if you report an overdose?

Too often, the reason that people don’t survive overdoses of illegal drugs is that the people who are with them when they overdose are afraid to call for help – particularly if they gave or sold the overdose victim their drugs. They know that if they call 911, the police will get involved, and...
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Posted September 17, 2021

Addiction treatment can help defendants with substance abuse

People who are addicted to drugs will sometimes end up facing charges related to their addiction. This might include drug charges, but it can also involve other ones. A person’s need to get the drugs might lead them to steal, resulting in them facing theft charges.For some defendants, the pull of the drugs is...
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Posted September 14, 2021

Repeat DUI charges in Colorado: What are the penalties?

Without a doubt, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious matter. Not only can doing so lead to expensive fines, loss of driving privileges and points on your license, but it can also lead to jail time and public service requirements.With that said, when it comes to your second, third...
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Posted September 3, 2021

Could drunk driving lead to felony charges in Colorado?

Most drivers in Colorado understand that causing a crash while under the influence of alcohol can lead to major criminal charges. If you hurt someone or cause a death, then the state will most certainly charge you with a felony offense that is more serious than a standard impaired driving charge. Fewer drivers realize that...
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Posted August 20, 2021

How can you fight against assault charges?

When two children get into a fight at school, and the teacher catches them, they typically both reply that the other person started it. When adults get into a physical conflict, many leap to the same reasoning, claiming that they acted in self-defense.The use of physical force has much more severe consequences in adult...
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3 things you may not know about the blood alcohol concentration

If you are planning to visit Breckenridge this winter, you are undoubtedly in for some excellent skiing, delicious cuisine and beautiful views. When you anywhere in the Centennial State, though, you must beware of enhanced drunk driving enforcement.Colorado law prohibits anyone with a blood alcohol concentration greater than 0.08% from driving or having physical...
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Posted August 10, 2021

Could drug court be an option in your Colorado possession case?

There are a variety of reasons a defendant may end up facing drug charges here in Breckenridge. One common reason is that they couldn’t find a way to break their addiction and got caught with drugs in their possession. We’re fortunate enough to have a 5th Judicial District Problem-Solving Court headquartered here. This court system...
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Posted July 23, 2021

What does it mean to be indicted?

People who are being investigated for criminal charges sometimes learn that their case is going to go before a grand jury. This means that a group of people will review the evidence in the case to determine whether the prosecution has a reasonably sufficient case against them or not.If the grand jury determines that...
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Drugged DUIs: 3 Things for soft drug consuming drivers to know

While Colorado’s relaxed drug laws are good news for consumers of soft recreational substances like cannabis, the legality of consumption does not extend to driving. In other words, it is best not to eat or smoke any form of tetrahydrocannabinol, the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis, whenever in a vehicle.When a police officer pulls...
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Posted July 9, 2021

Avoid accidentally incriminating yourself with law enforcement

Those convicted for serious felonies like murder or felony DUI typically face harsh penalties in Colorado. For example, a first-degree assault conviction could result in up to 24 years of imprisonment.When dealing with law enforcement, you could accidentally implicate yourself in a crime, even when not already under suspicion. Say that the police pull...
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