Man faces charges for aggravated assault in Colorado stabbing

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The events leading up to a situation ending in assault can come in unpredictable variations. A small trigger can set an individual into an emotional state that causes him or her to lash out physically. In some instances, the individual faces charges for aggravated assault due to physically attacking another person, or even in defending themselves from an assault by another individual. The event that triggers the outburst can possibly come from a predisposed condition in the individual or due to the influence of outside substances, and any number of situations can result in assault. Passengers in a vehicle say the possibility of a stolen shirt led to a 30-year-old man being accused of stabbing a 24-year-old woman in Colorado.

The accused reportedly became upset when he believed his shirt to have been stolen. He then allegedly began assaulting the woman, who was in the front passenger seat of a vehicle occupied by the accused, the driver and another passenger. The driver reportedly attempted to defend the woman as the accused wielded some sort of blade toward her.

The victim reports blacking out after receiving blows to the neck and head. The woman also reportedly sustained a stab wound to her chest. After arriving on the scene, paramedics transported her to a nearby emergency room where she was treated for serious injuries. The attack allegedly caused her to suffer a collapsed, along with a stab wound to the neck.

The accused was purportedly under the influence of alcohol at the time of the alleged attack and was taken into custody by Colorado police. He currently faces charges for aggravated assault and will appear in court for the filing of the charges. The allegations he faces are very serious and come with steep penalties if a conviction is actually achieved. He may wish to pursue information on aggravated assault laws in Colorado in order to assess the evidence authorities claim to have in support of the charges. As with every person accused of a crime in our state, this man remains innocent in the eyes of the law until — and only if — the government is able to meet the stringent burden of proof that these criminal proceedings require.

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