Multiple suspects facing conviction for Colorado assault, robbery

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An attempted robbery in Colorado left four people arrested after their alleged victims fought back. The accused individuals reportedly broke into a couple’s home then threatened and assaulted the residents. One of the individuals purportedly hit the male resident with a hammer, which the man managed to obtain and use against his supposed attacker. The four suspects fled the scene and were soon apprehended by police. A conviction is possible for each of the accused should they plead guilty or be found guilty in the court, but they first have the opportunity to present a defense should they choose.

Two of the suspects involved have informed the court that they are possibly interested in making a plea bargain. At this time, it is unclear as to what their bargains may entail as the dates of their hearings have been postponed multiple times. Though they face serious allegations, by pleading guilty and presenting relevant evidence in court they could receive a reduced sentence. As they have not formally announced their plea, there is still a chance that they may make further attempts to prove their innocence should new evidence arise that may change their circumstances.

Though there were four suspects arrested in this case, one has already pleaded guilty to his charges of attempting armed robbery, and another suspect wishes to maintain his innocence in the matter. The fourth accused person allegedly confessed that all four individuals arrested were involved in the purported assault and attempted robbery of a Colorado couple, but he may have evidence to suggest that he was not acting under his own volition. Should he have evidence that the other suspects coerced him into involvement, the fourth suspect may have the ability to prove his innocence or possibly receive lesser charges.

Criminal proceedings are very serious matters, and going into a courtroom unprepared can be detrimental to anyone seeking to present a compelling defense, particularly with the harsh consequences a conviction could bring. Those facing criminal accusations have the ability to present relevant evidence pertaining to their case that may be beneficial, as well as to challenge the evidence the prosecution offer in support of the charges. Finding information on relevant criminal proceedings and laws in Colorado could be the best first step in preparing a response to the accusations.

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