Information on assault defense could benefit Colorado man

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After being charged with a crime, a person can suddenly feel caught up in a whirlwind of needing to make many important decisions as to how to proceed. A lot of information may need to be gathered and options explored in a seemingly short period of time. Accounts of events and strategies can make a vast difference in how criminal proceedings play out. Plea bargains and evidence can be essential tools for an accused person creating an assault defense or other type of defense, and understanding proceedings can be very beneficial.

A Colorado man could be facing such decisions as he has recently been charged with sexual assault and kidnapping. The alleged assault reportedly occurred when the man asked a female acquaintance to come by his home. The woman claims that during the alleged assault, the man apparently fired a shot into the wall after threatening her with a handgun.

Police arrived on the scene after they were informed that the man may have been suicidal, though it is unclear who made the report. Purportedly during that time, the woman had gone to the police department and stated that the man had sexually assaulted her. It was also reported that after authorities arrived at the residence, the accused and police had a standoff for approximately an hour before he was taken into custody.

At this time the accused is being held at a detention center while he awaits formal presentation of the charges against him. During this time he may wish to collect information and evidence that could benefit him relating to the events that allegedly took place. He may also find information on relevant Colorado criminal proceedings helpful so he will have a better idea as to how to create an assault defense should he choose to do so.

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