Colorado criminal defense information could aid young suspects

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Understanding the proper steps to take after being accused of criminal involvement can be a stressful task. People in such circumstances may need to determine the best routes to take if they wish to present a criminal defense. The severity of the charges could play a significant role in how a person wants to proceed during their case and having knowledge on potential consequences and relevant state laws could also be important factors.

Two suspects in Colorado were taken into custody after they were accused of involvement in a robbery and assault. The 20-year-old suspects — one male and one female — allegedly met with a woman and began to threaten her, claiming to be in possession of a gun. The two reportedly stole some of the woman’s personal belongings and sprayed her with mace when she attempted to flee from them.

Reports also state that a police officer who was off duty at the time came to the aid of the alleged victim. The two suspects ran from the scene, but authorities reportedly located them at the female suspect’s apartment. After officers purportedly obtained a warrant, they searched the apartment and supposedly found some of the items that may have belonged to the alleged victim.

Though the exact charges that the two suspects could be facing were not specifically disclosed, they may wish to prepare for a criminal defense. Being suspected of involvement in assault and robbery can result in serious consequences, and the two young people may wish to present relevant evidence to suggest they were not involved in the incident as suspected. In order to determine their best options, they may wish to look into Colorado laws dealing with relevant criminal charges and proceedings.

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