Criminal defense strategies could help Colorado suspect

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Most parents would never want their children to come to any harm. When a parent is the one who supposedly seriously injured their child, that parent’s mental state may need to be questioned. Causing a person serious bodily harm often comes with severe penalties, but the evaluation of a suspect’s mental state could lead to a less harsh punishment. This route could prove beneficial to a suspect’s criminal defense strategy, should they choose to present one.

A mother in Colorado could be facing such a situation after police believed she stabbed herself and her young child. The situation was first believed to have involved a third party as the mother allegedly stated that she and her son were attacked by a man while they were out walking. According to reports, the woman suffered a stab wound to her leg and the young boy sustained a serious wound to his abdomen.

Further investigation into the situation apparently caused authorities to suspect the mother’s story to be false, though the exact cause of their suspicion was not disclosed. She was taken into custody and is facing felony charges for the serious bodily injury to her child. Police did not have any clear information on why the woman allegedly tried to implicate the third party.

Self-harm and inflicting injury on a child could indicate an unstable mental state. Because the woman is facing felony charges that could come with serious penalties, the option of working on a plea bargain could be a beneficial path for her to explore. There are also many other criminal defense routes that could be viable should she choose to present a defense. Information on Colorado laws and procedures relevant to her case could help point her in the right direction., Police arrest woman accused of stabbing child, Vic Vela, Sept. 13, 2013


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