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Colorado man opts for plea bargain after felony assault charges

Posted on December 4, 2013

When a person is taken into custody on felony charges, they may wish to determine what line of defense or other legal option would be best for their situation. In some cases, building a strong defense against felony assault charges could help a defendant prove their innocence, and in other cases, they may wish to opt for a plea bargain that could offer them a lesser punishment for pleading guilty to a charge. Either way, an accused party could benefit from being aware of what laws may be applicable to their situation.

A Colorado man who was facing felony charges for allegedly assaulting a police officer has opted for the route of a plea bargain. His situation began when authorities were reportedly alerted to his presence after he was purportedly arguing loudly with another individual. Two officers reportedly saw the man running from a third officer.

The three officers worked together to apprehend the suspect, who allegedly resisted arrest and assaulted one of the officers in the process. He was taken into custody and charged with the felony of assaulting an officer and misdemeanor of resisting arrest. He was then later charged with further allegations after he alleged spit on one of the officers while in custody.

The suspect reportedly opted for a plea bargain on the third charge, which was also felony assault. Because the suspect took a plea bargain, his scheduled trial will not take place. Information on Colorado state laws dealing with felony assault charges could have had some influence on the decision he made to agree to a plea bargain, and individuals who find themselves in similar situations may also find such information helpful in determining what legal steps may be best for their specific circumstances.

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