Colorado woman charged with assault on a peace officer

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When under the influence, a person can make unwise decisions. Unfortunately, some of these decisions can have serious repercussions and could potentially lead to the individual facing criminal charges. If an individual becomes combative when authorities attempt to intervene in a situation, that party could become charged with assault on a peace officer, which could potentially lead to severe consequences.

A similar incident allegedly took place in Colorado when authorities were called to a disturbance. The incident reportedly took place at a counseling center and involved a woman who was purportedly intoxicated. Authorities arrived at the scene, and the suspect reportedly became combative with a female officer.

Both the officer and the woman were injured in the alleged scuffle. The officer purportedly had to use a stun gun in order to control the woman. Both the officer and the suspect were treated at an area hospital for injuries they sustained during the reported event. The woman is currently facing a charge of assault on a peace officer.

Assault on a peace officer is a felony offence that could lead to serious consequences for the woman if she is convicted of the charge. At this time, she may wish to examine her situation in order to potentially decide how she wants to move forward with her situation legally. Depending on the exact nature of her situation, there could be varying options available to her. Information on Colorado state laws and proceedings relating to her circumstances may allow her make better informed decisions on how to advance.

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