Assault on a peace officer charge may stem from Colorado event

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When a situation escalates quickly, individuals who are in charge may request outside assistance from law enforcement. In this type of situation, a party could find himself facing serious charges if the situation continues to increase in severity. Those charges could potentially include assault on a peace officer if authorities believe a suspect to have harmed an officer.

A teenager in Colorado is currently in such a serious situation after authorities were reportedly called to his school. The incident allegedly began when the 16-year-old turn a desk over in class after becoming upset. The resource officer at the school reportedly attempted to communicate with the teen, but the boy purportedly ran away. Additional officers were called to the school for assistance with the reported situation.

While attempting to take the boy into custody, an officer was allegedly hit in the face with the boy’s elbow. Officers then took the boy to the ground and purportedly ask if he was done fighting. The teen reportedly answered negatively, and the authorities then used a Taser on him. As a result of the alleged incident, the 16-year-old has had charges of assault and other infractions leveled against him.

Because the situation reportedly involved an officer being hit in the face, the assault charge could potentially be considered assault on a peace officer. As a result, the penalties could be quite severe if the teen is found guilty. Until — and only if — that time comes, he remains fully innocent before the court. He may also wish to find out more about his potential defense options in Colorado if that is the route he wishes to follow as his criminal proceedings move forward.

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