Colorado suspects may wish to create assault defense

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When a person is charged in relation to alleged criminal activity, their mind may begin to turn as they attempt to fathom the decisions that they will soon need to make. By exploring their options and understanding how their circumstances may affect the routes they take, accused parties may be able to better decide how to move forward. If an individual is facing charges for assault, they may wish to look into creating an assault defense.

Two individuals in Colorado have been charged in relation to an alleged assault and attempted murder. Reports state that an 18-year-old male was walking down a roadway when a police officer came across him. The teen was bloody and reportedly had cuts on his face. The purported victim claimed that his alleged attacker drove him to the area before attacking him with a machete.

The young man reportedly fought back and hid from the attacker. The reported victim implicated a 20-year-old man as having been involved in the reported assault, and authorities took that man into custody. An update to the report states that a second individual has also been taken into custody and charged with attempted murder, assault and other allegations. This second suspect was reported as being 16-years-old.

Because one of the suspects is a minor, his legal situation could vary, depending on whether the court decides to consider him an adult in this case. However, both individuals may wish to begin considering what steps they may want to take if they wish to create a meaningful assault defense. Information on criminal proceedings in Colorado could help the individuals better determine what evidence or other information they may be able to present that could potentially benefit their cases.

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