Felony assault charges, others leveled against man in Colorado

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When an individual is suspected of alleged criminal activity, that person could face serious charges. If that party is accused of potentially harming other individuals, felony assault charges could be among those allegations leveled against the suspect. Should a person be in such a situation, it is important for the correct information regarding his or her case and legal options to be bestowed upon them.

A man was recently charged with such allegations as well as a number of other felony charges after an alleged car chase in Colorado. The situation reportedly began when the 37-year-old man and a 17-year-old girl did not remain at a traffic stop. The man allegedly showed officers a fake driver’s license and then sped away from the scene.

After leaving the scene, the man reportedly pointed a gun at a family in order to hijack their vehicle. The man and the teenage girl purportedly stole a truck after allegedly hijacking the family’s vehicle. Furthermore, the man reportedly fired gunshots at an officer who allegedly witnessed the man attempting to steal another vehicle. The report went on to say that the girl ran but was apprehended by officers, though the man continued on and allegedly stole an SUV. He was reportedly later taken into custody.

Because of the alleged nature of the situation, the man is currently facing numerous allegations, including felony assault charges. If he wishes to prepare for his legal situation, he may want to ensure that any information he acquires regarding his circumstances is correct. Therefore, utilizing local resources in Colorado that can provide helpful knowledge on his situation could potentially be in his best interests.

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