Woman accused in Colorado bank robbery

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Canon City police and Freemont County sheriff’s authorities say that they detained a woman just after midnight on Aug. 26 in connection with the robbery of the Bank of Colorado in Olathe on Aug. 20. A warrant for the woman was filed in Montrose County Court two days after the robbery, and she faces two class four felony charges for theft and aggravated robbery. The penalty for a class four felony includes two to six years imprisonment.

On the day of the heist, authorities say that a Hispanic woman went into the Bank of Colorado and demanded that the teller give her money. She fled the bank with more than $800. Police were unable to find the woman until Colorado Bureau of Investigation and FBI officials allegedly tracked cellular activity to a 22-year-old woman’s phone. While searching the area on Aug. 25, Canon City and FCSO authorities spotted the vehicle that was caught on bank surveillance in Lincoln Park. The vehicle, inside of which were the woman and a 30-year-old man, did not stop for officials.

After fleeing authorities, the pair abandoned the vehicle at Barr Avenue and 19th Street and continued to elude officials on foot. It took nearly 90 minutes for officials to find the woman, who was hiding in a trashcan. However, the man was detained quickly after being tased. Police planned to question him about the robbery because the vehicle is registered to him.

People who are accused of robbing banks and taking up to $1,000 could be fined, imprisoned for up to one year or both under federal law. When the amount exceeds $1,000, the maximum imprisonment penalty is extended to 10 years. However, criminal defense lawyers may be able to get the severity of the penalties reduced for the defendants by negotiating plea bargains. Under such a deal, the prosecution might not pursue imprisonment sentences if the defendants agree to plead guilty and complete a term of public service, probation or both.

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