Learning about felonies in Colorado

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Under Colorado law, there are many offenses that are classified as class-3 felonies. One such offense is second-degree murder. Murder in the second degree is defined as murder that occurred after provocation from the victim. The provocation then incites such a rage or passion in an otherwise reasonable person that the person is driven to knowingly commit murder.

First-degree assault is also classified as a class-3 felony in the state of Colorado. This occurs when an individual knowingly causes serious injury with an object or through any action that creates a grave risk of death. If a third party is harmed during the commission of a crime or when an individual is fleeing from a crime, it may also be labeled first-degree assault. The same is true if a peace officer, firefighter or anyone in a detention facility is threatened with a deadly weapon.

Assault in the second degree is also considered a class-3 felony in Colorado. It is defined as assaulting and causing serious bodily injury to another individual while committing or attempting to flee from certain types of crimes. These crimes include murder, robbery or arson. In addition, kidnapping or sex crimes including sexual crimes against children are also classified as second-degree assault.

Anyone who is charged with a felony may wish to hire a criminal defense attorney. An attorney can interview witnesses or review physical evidence in a case. This may enable an attorney to create a defense against the charge or take other actions to cast doubt on the case against an individual. For instance, it may be possible for a criminal defense lawyer to ask for a change of venue or to have evidence suppressed to increase the odds of an acquittal.

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