Out of place car leads to burglary charge

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Police in Colorado took a 22-year-old man into custody on burglary charges on Nov. 7 after connecting recovered property to an earlier residential break in. The burglary took place in northeast Colorado Springs.

According to a Colorado Springs police report, officers responded at approximately 2 a.m. to a call regarding a burglary at a residence on Roaring Fork Drive in the vicinity of Winding Passage Drive. Police say that the individuals responsible had already left the scene by the time they arrived. The individuals are said to have taken a number of items from an open garage.

Immediate reports do not indicate that the responding officers were provided with a description of either the individuals responsible or the vehicle that they may have been using. However, officers patrolling the surrounding area were soon drawn to a vehicle on Brave Eagle Drive. The reasons that officers gave for noticing the vehicle was that it looked out of place in the suburban neighborhood. Police say that one of the vehicle’s occupants fled on foot as they approached, but the second vehicle occupant was interviewed and subsequently detained.

The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects individuals from an unreasonable search and seizure, and police might need to obtain a search warrant or have probable cause before they may detain and search suspects. In certain situations, a criminal defense attorney could seek to have charges reduced or dismissed during plea negotiations. A criminal defense attorney could question the admissibility of items recovered from a defendant based upon an illegal search, and he or she might also be able to question the validity of key evidence.

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