2 businessmen enter guilty plea in exchange for deferred sentence

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Summit County residents may be interested in the story of two men who have plead guilty to criminal charges. They are currently serving a deferred sentence, and the charges and jail time could be dismissed for good behavior.

An Adams County spa owner alleges that the movers she hired to relocate her spa business tripled the estimated price upon delivery. When she could not pay, she claims, the movers then left with her equipment. The woman submitted a complaint to the Colorado Public Utilities Commission. After investigation the incident, the Commission recommended that county prosecutors file criminal charges against the two owners of the Lakewood-based moving company. The spa owner says that the movers have not yet returned the equipment and believes that it has been sold.

The two moving company owners were later charged with forging documents and attempting to influence a public official. The two men plead guilty to the charges of influencing a public official as part of a plea bargain deal with the prosecutor. The deal will allow the men to serve a deferred sentence of 18 months. If the two men avoid trouble during the 18 months, they will not have to serve any time in prison, and any record of the felony charge will be dropped. The two men are also allowed to retain their company’s permit under the Public Utilities Commission, according to reports.

In cases where serious charges are filed against a person, an attorney experienced in criminal defense may be able to help. The attorney may be able to get the charges dismissed or reduced through plea bargaining or defend against the charges in court. The attorney may also be helpful in protecting the person’s constitutional rights throughout the process.

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