You can protect your reputation after claims of assault

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Assault and battery charges can put your future and current reputation at risk. Even a charge and allegations against you can suddenly make you look like the bad guy you aren’t, just because the media makes it look that way. You have a right to protect the person you are from those who want to slander your name. There are many different defenses available for you to use in your case, so you can defend your reputation and maintain your current lifestyle.

One of the best defenses available is for self-defense. You’ll need to prove that you had to defend yourself against the other person and that you used reasonable force. For instance, if you’re in a bar and someone hits you, it would be reasonable to block punches or to kick or hit him or her back to protect yourself. It may not be reasonable, however, to use a gun to kill the person, unless the other person was also using a weapon. The kinds of force considered reasonable will vary depending on your case, which is something your attorney can speak with you about.

Another way you can defend yourself is by claiming you were defending another person. For example, if you’re in a park and see a girl being attacked by an older male, it would be reasonable to attempt to stop the fight. If the other person tries to claim you assaulted him, then you could claim you were defending the girl who was being attacked. Our website has more information on assault charges and the defenses that may work best for you.


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