What is a class 6 felony?

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If you’re arrested for a crime and are charged with a felony, there are several possibilities for the kinds of sentences and penalties you can expect. Depending on the class of felony with which you’re you’re charged, you could be looking at a very long stint in prison or something as simple as community service. If you’re charged with a class 6 felony, these are some things you should know about your case.

What is a class 6 felony?

A class 6 felony is the least serious of all felony charges. There are many different things that can be considered class 6 felonies, from promoting a pyramid scheme to practicing a profession as an electrician without the correct training or an active license.

Are any traffic offenses class 6 felonies?

Yes. You can get a class 6 felony for telling an officer the wrong address. If your place of residence is incorrect, then you can be charged and convicted if you were aware of the fact that you were giving a false address.

What kinds of safety crimes can result in a class 6 felony?

Unlawfully transporting explosives and being negligent when observing construction and file regulations for buildings are both crimes that can result in a class 6 felony.

Are sex crimes sometimes classified as class 6 offenses?

Some unlawful behaviors, including invasion of privacy for sexual gratification and the failure to register as a sex offender, are class 6 felonies. Human trafficking and slavery, when the allegation is for coercion of involuntary servitude, is also a class 6 felony.

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