Drunk driving arrests rise over the Thanksgiving holiday

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Thanksgiving is a cherished time of the year when people count and appreciate the blessings in their lives. It is also a time for celebrating with friends and family members. Most Colorado residents do not give much thought to the risk of a drunk driving arrest during this family-centered holiday. However, these arrests happen more often than you might think.

When asked, most law enforcement officers would probably count Thanksgiving as one of the holidays with the most drunk driving arrests. Maybe people have a little too much wine at a friend’s holiday dinner, or maybe a group get-together turns into an all-out party with plenty of alcoholic beverages.

Whatever the case, it is wise to curtail your drinking throughout the entire Thanksgiving holiday if you expect to drive — from the night before Thanksgiving all the way through the holiday weekend. Law enforcement agencies actively look for those who might be driving under the influence. Some areas may even set up checkpoints to catch drunk drivers.

As you may already know, field sobriety tests are not always accurate. For example, if the testing equipment is not properly maintained or the user does not know how to administer the test, it could return a false positive. This means you could be wrongfully charged with drunk driving.

When police officers do their jobs properly, they help keep all Colorado residents safe from harm. However, this does not mean that innocent citizens should have to deal with the many burdens a false drunk driving arrest can bring. Whatever the circumstances of your DUI arrest, it’s always best to seek the guidance of an experienced attorney.


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