Explaining a felony traffic stop

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Felony traffic stops occur daily throughout the Breckenridge area of Colorado. These traffic stops are stressful, dangerous and difficult for all involved, especially those who are being stopped by the police. Today, we will take a look at felony traffic stops, what they are and how you can avoid being involved in one.

A felony traffic stop is one in which the police try to stop a vehicle they believe has occupants who are dangerous or who have committed serious crimes. These crimes would include armed robbery, having an outstanding felony warrant, assault with a weapon, vehicular manslaughter and more.

During a felony traffic stop, which might end after a chase, the officer who initiated the stop will request backup from other officers in the area. The officer in charge of the situation will then issue instructions to the driver and passenger(s) of the vehicle to ensure their safety and the safety of all the others involved.

Once the occupants of the vehicle have been safely removed, searched, handcuffed and placed in a police vehicle, the officers on the traffic stop will then search the vehicle for weapons, drugs and other illegal items. A felony traffic stop often leads to other felony charges, such as vehicular homicide, hit and run and driving under the influence.

Now that you know the serious nature of a felony traffic stop, you can do your best to avoid being part of one in Colorado. If you are ever arrested as part of a felony stop, make sure you speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney to defend your rights.


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