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The risks of an underage DUI

Posted on November 14, 2019

As with every state in the country, Colorado has a zero-tolerance for underage drunk driving. This is a serious issue that the law takes a firm stance against. Drunk driving among legal adults is problematic enough, but when you add in those underage, it becomes something everyone needs to pay attention to. 

The National Safety Council explains that alcohol is the drug with the highest levels of dependency and use in the country. It is also very tricky because it takes very little alcohol to make it illegal for you to drive. Underage drinkers do not have the experience or knowledge to understand when they have drunk too much. That is a difficult task even for an older adult. 

How much is too much? 

Underage drinkers also often do not understand how alcohol works in the body. There is no way to know your blood alcohol level without a test of some type. While the general guideline is one drink needs one hour to get out of your system, that does not apply to everyone. A young female who weighs around 100 pounds will take very little alcohol to become intoxicated. 

In addition, there are many myths about speeding up alcohol processing in the body to lower blood alcohol levels faster. This is not possible. Your body’s metabolism is the only indicator of how fast or slow your body processes alcohol. 

What about experience? 

Teens and young adults under the age of 21 are also inexperienced drivers. Alcohol dulls the senses, reflexes and abilities. It can make an experienced driver a danger. Adding the inexperience of young drivers only increases the risk of an accident. A lack of skills combined with the physical and mental debilitation of intoxication is often a fatal mix. 

Underage drunk driving is a serious crime with severe penalties. It is vital to avoid driving after drinking to avoid facing these charges in court.