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How Colorado’s marijuana dispensaries detect fake IDs

Posted on June 5, 2020

If you are planning a trip to Breckenridge, you are probably looking forward to exploring everything the area has to offer. In addition to breathtaking views and unparalleled mountain biking, Breckenridge has a few dispensaries where you can pick up some recreational marijuana

Colorado law allows residents and non-residents to purchase a limited amount of recreational marijuana, provided they can produce a valid identification document. Trying to buy pot with a fake one, though, may ruin your otherwise epic vacation. 

Acceptable documents 

Not all forms of identification are acceptable for your marijuana purchase. Accordingly, before visiting the dispensary, you should check to see if it accepts your type of ID. Typically, the following unexpired IDs work: 

  • A state- or U.S. territory-issued driver’s license with a photograph 
  • A passport 
  • A tribal document 
  • A U.S. military ID card 

Fraud detection 

To do business in Colorado, marijuana dispensaries must comply with strict guidelines. Violating these obligations may result in serious consequences. Therefore, dispensaries have an incentive to detect fake IDs. They do this by checking your ID twice. 

When you visit the dispensary, a greeter reviews your ID to be sure it is acceptable. He or she then swipes your ID using a scanner to ensure it is genuine. When you are ready to finalize your pot purchase, a second dispensary employee reviews your ID to be certain you are old enough to buy marijuana

Potential consequences  

Because they want to protect their licenses to do business, dispensaries may encourage their employees to report fake IDs to law enforcement. In the Centennial State, the possession of a fake ID is a class C misdemeanor. The same is true if you try to use an ID that belongs to someone else. Upon conviction, you may face six months in jail and a steep fine. 

While adding some marijuana to your Breckenridge vacation may be high on your priority list, you do not want to run afoul of Colorado’s ID requirements. Still, life has a way of intervening in anyone’s plans. If you are facing misdemeanor charges, defending yourself aggressively may help you minimize the damage.