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Common Crimes in the Winter

Posted on December 12, 2023

Here are some common crimes that tend to occur more frequently during the winter months.


The extended hours of darkness and the fact that many residents leave for work or travel during the holiday season can create opportunities for theft and burglaries. Homes and vehicles become prime targets for thieves looking to take advantage of unoccupied spaces.

Package Theft

With the surge in online shopping during the holiday season, package theft becomes a prevalent crime. With the increasing volume of packages left unattended on doorsteps and in mailboxes, opportunistic thieves take advantage. The cold weather and early sunsets provide cover for these criminals, allowing them to operate more discreetly.

Car Theft

Cold weather prompts individuals to warm up their vehicles before driving, leaving them unattended and vulnerable to theft. Potential thieves may seize this opportunity, leading to an increase in stolen vehicles during the winter months.


The bustling holiday shopping season, marked by crowded stores and distracted shoppers, provides an opportune environment for would-be thieves to attempt shoplifting undetected. Additionally, the financial strains that often accompany holiday expenses may lead some individuals to resort to theft as a means of acquiring gifts or necessities.


Winter nights, with reduced visibility due to early sunsets, can offer cover for robberies. Darkened streets and fewer people out and about may make it easier for criminals to target individuals or businesses.

Domestic Violence

The stress associated with the holiday season, combined with extended periods indoors due to cold weather, can contribute to an uptick in domestic violence incidents. Increased family gatherings and financial pressures may exacerbate tensions.

Drunk Driving

Winter festivities often involve alcohol, and the holiday season sees an unfortunate increase in drunk driving incidents. Icy roads and snowy conditions can further amplify the dangers associated with impaired driving.

Scams and Fraud

Winter brings an increase in holiday-related scams, including fraudulent charity schemes, fake gift card offers, and phishing emails. Criminals take advantage of the season’s generosity and busy online shopping activity.


Cold weather can lead to an increase in indoor gatherings, sometimes resulting in increased confrontations and assaults. Factors like cabin fever and seasonal affective disorder may contribute to heightened tensions.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

If you find yourself accused or charged with any of the crimes mentioned, it is crucial to seek legal guidance promptly. An experienced Breckenridge criminal defense attorney can provide invaluable assistance by thoroughly examining the evidence, assessing the circumstances surrounding the alleged offense, and formulating a strategic defense tailored to the specific case. Additionally, they can guide you through the complexities of the legal system, ensuring that your rights are protected and advocating for the best possible outcome, be it a reduction in charges, acquittal, or an alternative resolution.

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