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Drunk Driving

Posted December 13, 2018

Myths about beating a breath test

It is true that breathalyzer tests are not perfect. If the machine is not calibrated properly, for instance, they can give false readings. People have sometimes gotten out of DUI charges when it was shown that a breathalyzer test did not provide reliable information. That said, people often buy into some common myths about...
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Posted December 7, 2018

Accident leads to DUI charges for a truck driver

A truck driver was involved in a car accident that put three people in the hospital. The man, who is from Colorado, was then picked up by the police on allegations that he was intoxicated at the time of the crash. He is 42 years old. Witnesses reported that the man was in his...
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Posted November 15, 2018

Drunk driving arrests rise over the Thanksgiving holiday

Thanksgiving is a cherished time of the year when people count and appreciate the blessings in their lives. It is also a time for celebrating with friends and family members. Most Colorado residents do not give much thought to the risk of a drunk driving arrest during this family-centered holiday. However, these arrests happen...
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Posted October 18, 2018

Colorado launches anti-impaired driving campaign

The state of Colorado and a number of state agencies have launched a campaign to highlight the dangers of drugged driving. An average of more than 60 people each day are arrested in Colorado on impaired driving charges, the Colorado Department of Transportation (DOT) reported. In Colorado, a drunk driving charge applies to more...
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Posted September 28, 2018

Drunk driving prevention through easy alternative transportation

As drunk driving defense attorneys, we realize that we can probably help if you have been arrested on DUI charges. A large part of the services we and other DUI lawyers provide is working to understand the details of your arrest in order to build an effective strategy on your behalf. Although DUI cases...
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Posted August 24, 2018

Study finds age group most likely to drive under the influence

Are you wondering who is most likely to drive under the influence in Colorado? A recent study just asked the same question, and statistics showed that male drivers in their 20s outrank all other groups when it comes to impaired driving.The study, which was carried out by the Colorado Division of Criminal Justice, looked...
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Posted July 29, 2018

Man gets DUI charges after accident on ‘expert-only’ road

A man from Colorado is now facing DUI charges after he was involved in an accident out on Black Bear Pass. That road, which stretches from Silverton to Telluride, is a dangerous mountain road that has a lot of steep edges and narrow areas. It is considered a high-clearance road for four-wheel drive vehicles...
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Posted July 13, 2018

Man gets probation and work-release after DUI accident

Back in December, a man in Colorado was arrested after reportedly driving drunk and hitting a cyclist. Reports show that he apparently drove away from the accident scene. He is 42 years old. It took until now for that man’s sentence to be handed down, and it is a great example of how many...
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Posted June 21, 2018

Evolutionary rank sensitivity may make you think you’re sober

It’s an evolutionary trait that people like to put themselves in a position of rank. We constantly compare ourselves to those around us. It’s a natural tendency. Scientists recently conducted a study that indicates people even judge their own level of intoxication in this manner. They look at how other people around them are...
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Posted June 7, 2018

You can face DUI charges on a motorized scooter

The Lime scooters all over Denver right now have raised a very important question that all Colorado residents need to consider: Can you get a DUI on a scooter? You absolutely can if it is one of the Lime scooters, which are motorized, or a similar vehicle. They’re an easy, cheap new means of...
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Posted May 21, 2018

Does one type of alcohol get you more drunk than another?

You did not have that many drinks, and you felt like you should still be well below the legal limit. However, the police gave you a breath test and said your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was 0.09. You’re now facing DUI charges, and you do not understand how. Then you start thinking about exactly...
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Posted May 2, 2018

Man sentenced after deadly DUI accident

A man from Colorado will avoid jail time after being involved in a deadly DUI accident. The accident happened in 2017. He attempted to make a left turn, but he turned in front of another man on a motorcycle. The crash killed the motorcyclist. He was just 25 years old at the time. According...
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